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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

DTJocks brief

DT Jocks is a fairly new brand that makes really stylish briefs and boxer briefs. I personally think they are cool and they might actually make me wear some briefs (*hint hint* I wear small if anyone wants to buy me some). I don't know if they'd actually fit me because the pouches on briefs in my waistsize are never big enough for me (not to brag but it's just true). But hey I'd try these. They have a really unique looking front. And they're low-rise and nice and out of sight. Briefs seem to be becoming popular again along with boxer briefs (I'll talk about that another day). I guess guys just really like having support and such. I thought that these were just really unique because they're low-rise and low-cut, in fact here's the quote from their website about them: "The DT Jocks label was established in Australia July 2003. DT Jocks are classically styled men's briefs with a modern twist. DT Jocks low-rise + boxer briefs feature……

100% Cotton.
Functional fly opening.
Box cut…..short through the crotch and wide through the side.
Unique colours, designs, patterns and prints.
Accurate sizing.
Quality, comfort and style."

So they basically have a really cool looking, but functioning fly. A really unique cut in the crotch and low rise so they don't show above your pants. But with briefs like these you'll be eager to get your pants off and show them off. In fact I think these just might work for me. You can find them online at

Poll of the day:
How supportive do you like your underwear and does the support preference vary depending on what you're doing?


Anonymous said...

I love support, the more the better. It doesn't matter what I am doing... running, sitting, sleeping. I need my junk to stay in place!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I think the amount of support required is definitely driven by the activity. Like I'd go running in a thong or boxers!

As a side-bar, I'm a small underwear guy.....not necessarily for support reasons, but I think all the material involved with boxers makes me feel like I have a diaper on! Can anyone relate? The less the material the better, especially when the temperature is 90 or higher! Nothing like a little thong (okay, maybe a cute little thong) to help keep everything down there a little cooler!


Nudle said...

For playing sports and working out, I definitely choose lift and hold support. For lounging at home, I let it all hang loose. When I'm at the office or going out to dinner, I choose support somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the less the better. Especially in the summer. Boxer briefs are too hot (temperature wise). A thong is best. Once you get used to the string it is really a comfortable underwear. So, I eithere wear a thong or bikini 95% of the time.