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Friday, June 24, 2005


FROM BLUE: This article was sent to me by e-mail by a reader. He has requested that his name be withheld.

"Being a sagger isn't always easy. If you ask a sagger why they show their boxers, I bet most of them would say they don't know, or were even not aware that they were showing them particularly, just that its how they dress. Just walking down the street showing boxers immediately labels you in terms of how you are perceived by the viewer. Depending on the depth of the sag and the clothing chosen, as well as personal appearance, you may viewed alternately as a disgusting, slovenly slacker with no social morality, or the coolest guy on the face of the planet. Let's face it, some guys can carry off a deep sag and wear it brilliantly, others are best left not trying it. Alot depends on the boxers you choose. This in mind, and armed with the knowledge that boxers are but one tool in a male's arsenal of clothing, we can devise a way to use boxers to their fullest advantage by coordinating them with other pieces of clothing for maximum effect.
The image above illustrates a guy who has used his brain to use boxers very well. Let's examine further. The use of blue jeans is good one. Blue jeans have the casual look yet are easily accessorized with any number of fashionable belts. The range of jeans available today is almost unending, and guys who intentionally wear jeans low will find jeans available with lower pockets and lower seams so that the functions of the jeans are still accessible even under a long shirt. The belt is simple and elegant with a center of focus. All too often, a good sag is completely ruined or lost by the use of overly studded belts or other detracting additions. Someone who wears overpowering belts or other heavy accessories probably has their own reasons for doing so. If you asked them why they do it, this time you would probably get an answer and it might not be very nice. Certainly it would have little to do with boxers or sagging. In our example above, the belt is used jointly with the right pair of jeans to hold the jeans in the place the wearer wishes but also allowing the guy to casually put his hands in the pockets and push the jeans lower should this be wanted. The new position would then also be held in place by the belt.
In this example, the guy has chosen a long white sleeveless shirt, called a wife-beater colloquially. This has many advantages. It is very light material, so it is very suitable for being outside in hot weather. Its long, so you can have low jeans but still have some of the boxers covered. Its thin, so that his curves and muscles may be seen by those who care to, while still being under cover to those who don't care to. Thin material also lets people who are interested see through it to see how much of the boxers are under fabric, perhaps what brand they are or style, without them being truly on display. This gives the illusion of the boxers being showed maybe 1/4 when in fact the jeans may actually be sitting at 1/2 or more. If the guy found himself in a situation such as the beach, or skateboard park, somewhere among friends or where entertainment is more tolerated, he could easily remove the shirt and put it in his pocket and carry off a fairly nice belted sag complimented with a physique that will draw people to look at it. If he returned to something more controlled, such as shopping in a mall, the shirt can be easily reworn. He has a necklace in keeping with current style, and his hats are all multifunctional. The skull cap for skating and the ball cap on top for hanging out. In fact the two together is something I have not seen before, but to me it just makes him look versatile and sporty. I am drawn to think he might be a skater, even with no board shown. The boxers themselves are of a simple pattern and masculine color. We cannot see if there is a lettered waistband from this image, however if there was a passerby could notice it through the shirt fabric. The absence of a noticeable waistband does not label him a fashion nobody. Instead, it simply reaffirms that a person can look great and socially in reason at all times using boxers without necessarily spending a lot of money on a designer pair and by using common articles of clothing any male is likely to have or can obtain cheaply. This example is socially within reason. This person could walk into nearly any social situation and be appropriately dressed with the versatility to adjust further if need be. His appearance is neat and clean, not slovenly or unkempt. Although I would never suggest someone become something they are not just for appearance sake, I do think it is important to realize how powerful a tool boxers are and that used correctly this power can serve one well."
-Name Withheld by Request

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Nudle said...

I like my clothes including underwear to look and fit well. I prefer to have a pair of well fitted lo-rise briefs, bikini's or jeans than to pull down a pair of pants below the waist to show some skin or in this case boxers.