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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Undergear Swimsuits

Well, it's summer. For a lot of us, that means swimming is going to be a popular activity for the next few months. So I've checked out many different sites to find a new swimsuit, but it appears that has what I'm looking for. They've got it all: from the boring everyday trunks to squarecuts and thongs. And I really wish I knew how to add a picture (but as I said before I'm not very good with computers), but you'll just have to remember these ones, and go to the site and check them out. [EDIT: Blue added a photo]

I'm specifically into the bikini/brief style swimwear. I think the Surfscape Bikini looks kinda cool, although I'm not sure if I'd want a picture of a surfer on my butt. Anyways you have to check out at least their whole selection of bikini swimwear, then check out whatever you want. I wish bikini swimwear was popular in the U.S. so that we wouldn't be put down all the time for what we wear, but that's life.

Question: Do you swim with underwear underneath your swimsuit? What kind (briefs, boxers, etc.)?


Anonymous said...

Here's a link:
Surfscape bikini

Personally I don't wear underwear under swimsuits, never have. Why would I? I mean they put in those liners in the shorts styles so you don't have to.

Anonymous said...

I wear a speedo brief-size swimming suit underneith a pair of board-shorts (I think that's what they're called). I take the outer suit off when I get in the pool and then put the big-old shorts back on when I'm out of the pool. Those big-old suits just take way too long to get dry and it feels like I'm swimming in clothes when I get in the pool with them on.


Anonymous said...

I like some of the suits UG has on their site. Some of their stuff is a little too flashy (as though wearing a bikini doesn't draw enough attention) but the Cire and Contour lines are good.

As for wearing underwear under my suit, sort of. I just started wearing bikini swimwear, so the first few times I wore them under my board shorts and I actually prefer that to just the shorts. People say that bikini/speedos reveal too much personal information, but you can't egress from a pool or hottub in board shorts without them clinging to your body and showing everyone your junk anyway... but when I wear a bikini under them, that doesn't happen.

So now, like Tim, I wear my speedo under my shorts and then just take them off if I'm in company that doesn't care.

Nudle said...

Non, nein, no, to wearing underwear beneath a swimsuit. I wear a swimsuit beneath a pair of regular shorts (cargo or denim). I'll take the shorts off when I get to the beach or pool and be ready to jump in the water. A proper swimsuit doesn't hold water and drys quickly lying under the sun. Cotton underwear holds water. I would imagine it is quite uncomfortable to slosh around with wet underwear after you get out of the water. It must feel like you've 'wet' your pants. Icky!

Nudle said...

I recently bought these Speedo Dots Trunk for this summer.