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Friday, February 10, 2006

Gifts for Valentine's Day

So a while ago one of my readers asked what were some hot undies to get for valentines day for his boyfriend. As you probably know this holiday has become a holiday all about sex, love, and romance. So of course why not buy your boyfriend some undies as a gift to reflect this. Well here goes...

Ginch Gonch
Ginch gonch is a great place to find really sexy underwear for valentine's day. They have low-rise briefs, regular rise briefs, boxerbriefs, and matching tops. I recommend the low-rise briefs for valentines day or the regular briefs, especially the valentine colored ones:
-The all new Devil Reds (shown above).
-Star Fucker
-and Pink.

ABC Underwear.
ABC Underwear has some nice sexy underwear. Especially the Backless Microfiber Pouch. Also check out the list for Valentine's Day that they have made here. This list has lots of sexy things for you and your to wear and get it on with each other in.

Victorine Lingerie.
This place has some really sexy treats to wear. I especially think you might like the Shorts Chaps & Posing Strap or the Mans Brief Thong which comes off like a charm.

Also, Fresh Pair has a huge selection of underwear and they have put together a special list for Valentine's Day. It is a really good list so it is definitely worth you checking it out.

Also jockstraps are really sexy and they provide nice easy access to the ass for fucking (if you are gay). This jock from Baskit is very nice.

Hope this helps you all out and happy shopping and happy Valentine's Day (sorry this is so late, but I was on a trip w/o internet).

Also, while shopping keep in mind that the less material is usually sexier and the more it flaunts the stuff the better. Also remember that it needs to be easy to take off, if that's what you want to do ;)

Poll of day:
What are/did you getting/get your Boyfriend for Valentine's Day?


John said...

Thanks for the post. Great selection to choose from.

I am giving my boyfried a laced up back underwear. It was easy to pick out, he suggested it. Saying he wanted to be sexy for me. Gotta love Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

you missed this one MenAttitude

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys. Just wanted to tell you that this is NOT trying to be an all inclusive list. It is just a short list that I came up with of some nice things. So please don't say I missed or forgot something because I didn't. It's not all inclusive. But thank you for your suggestions just the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi blue, I'm sorry for the previous comment : I didn't mean to upset you, I just thought MenAttitude was worth a look.
Anyway, please apoligize, and thanks for the good work on this site !


Anonymous said...

No, Phillipe, you did not upset me. I just want to let people know that this isn't meant to be all inclusive. And for other people's reference, if you have a suggestion about a good brand then please send me an e-mail.