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Thursday, March 16, 2006

To my devoted readers....

Thank you so much for all your continuing support for the past year. Our first anniversary is March 18th. I'd really like to thank you all. Also I realize that many of you are avid readers of the ublog and continually check for updates. I'm really sorry that I don't update more often, but thank you so much for all your patience and enthusiasm. In honor of our anniversery I'd like to hear from you what you think about the blog. And I'd like to get some candid feedback (negative or positive) and some ideas for new features. Speaking of new features I'd like to add a testimonial section, so if you feel so inspired to write one for this blog (no pressure) I'd really welcome that. So send all your feedback, testimonials, questions, comments, w/e to my e-mail address (in the sidebar).

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Anonymous said...

Wow not many comments but I will...

you have done a fantastic job, keep up the great work an links. I never knew there were so many styles of undies and now Im hooked
thanks for introducing me to the world of underwear!!

Jakob Shay