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Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Season of Undies

Well everyone is launching their spring lines of undies right about now. Yes that's right. New undies!! So I thought that it would only be fitting to tell you about some of them. I will start off with Aussiebum's new line. They are suggesting that you go commando! Yes that's right commando. But they don't mean go without underwear (that wouldn't benefit their business at all). What they mean by commando is go military, go camo, but be fun at the same time. So they've launched their new line of undies. Pictured is the scuba brief which you can get for ~$24 us. I'm guessing the reason the scuba briefs are blue is so you will blend in with the waves in case swimming commando is your thing. A bit pricey but very cool for spring. For the full commando line go to their online store and click on underwear and then commando.

What do you think of military (camouflage) undies? And what do actual military wear (if you know the answer, because I don't)?

PS. Today is officially the first anniversary of the first ever underwear blog (that's us!). Can you believe that it has already been a year?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Happy anniversary!
Regarding your question...I find camouflage undies are very cool, specially if made of lycra, silk or any sheer material.

Do militars wear only boxers? That's a difficult question. In recent movies I have noted that some of them also wear briefs...

Anonymous said...

but do military wear camo undies?

Anonymous said...

the britts are now wearing the worst underwear anyone could.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Alex.
Poor brittish army

taf75 said...

I bought scuba and commando underwear from AB
very fun and sexe.
My boyfriends love to

Anonymous said...

the US is using dark brown and if I am not mistaken they have a choice of boxers or briefs. They are just plain basic underwear.

Anonymous said...

Yes, poor british army. That's cool anon. where'd you find that out (about the US). Hey taf, want to submit a photo of you in them for the gallery? (see more recent posts).