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Friday, November 10, 2006

Danial Webster Design (DWD)

I'd like to tell you about a new (to my knowledge) brand in the men's underwear world. It is called Danial Webster Design. DWD is fairly well established in Seattle, where it is made. Danial is now looking to expand his market to the web and more U.S. boutiques. Danial Webster has a background in theater and in couture techniques. Although his line of underwear is machine sewn, it is all sewn by Danial Webster himself in the meticulous couture-style. They are not made to order, but they are all limited editions. These limited editions are not in set numbers, but rather go as long as the particular fabric lasts. He sources his fabric from various suppliers around the US, so you are sure to have unique fabric under your pants. Last year he traveled to LA and did a lot of buying of fabric for his underwear line. He believes in offering his customers "something I know will delight them and keep them coming back to see what I have to offer" even if it cuts into his profits. Now that's dedication to the customer. And it shows in the quality and styling of his underwear line. Danial Webster is truly dedicated to having good quality underwear that really pleases his customers and meets their needs.

Danial sent me a couple samples to review. I was sent the 'Creamsicle Stripe Undies' and the 'Mod Stripe Undies'. They are both very similar in terms of styling and fit. In fact the only difference is that the Creamsicle Stripe has an exposed waistband and the Mod Stripe has a fabric covered waistband. But for the purpose of this review I will only talk about the 'Creamsicle Stripe Undies'.

I'd like to start off with the fit of these finely made underpants. The fit is excellent. There is not much more I could desire. I really like the leg length, it is a little shorter than most trunks, but this is great because it prevents them from riding up. They are also very low-rise. Also the fabric is very stretchy so it will stretch to fit anyone. Unlike the 2wink trunks, the leg openings are perfect and they will stretch to accommodate any size thigh. These undies are very well fitting everywhere. The only area that is a little too small is the pouch; it is a little uncomfortably small at times (ahem). But it does make you look like you are packing whether you are or not. So overall on the fit they get a 9.

The comfort level is quite good. The fabric is very soft and smooth, and because it is so stretchy it comfortably allows movement. As previously mentioned though, the pouch is a little small. Despite the pouch issue, most of the time while wearing these I barely even realized I was wearing anything at all. Although these are not perfect, they are quite possibly the most comfortable trunks I have ever worn. Therefore they receive a 9 overall for comfort.

The style of these undies is excellent. It is everything you would expect from a man with background in couture sewing. There is lots of attention to the details. Every seam is meticulously made, and very well made at that. Also the overall look of these trunks is very stylish and hip. One particular feature that I would like to point out is one that has not been pointed out or shown on his shopping site. It is the pouch. Yes, I am talking about the pouch a lot in this review, but that's because it is so unique. The pouch has contrasting print fabric on the inside. It is very cool looking and it shows just how much attention Danial Webster devotes to every detail of these undergarments (that truly deserve to be called garments). Check out the photo to see just how much detail this pair of underwear has. Also just a little aside, I've gotten lots of compliments (from both sexes) on how cool these undies look.

The quality of these underwear is superb. They are everything that would be expected from a man with such high credentials. I do not think I can give these undies enough praise. A 10!

The value of these undies is exceptional. They are rather pricey at $25 or $30 a piece (depending on the retailer), but if you can afford them they are worth it.

Overall, I give the Danial Webster Design, Creamsicle Stripe Undies a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10)

********** 9

Danial Webster Design Underwear can be purchased at:
Danial Webster Design

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