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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guest Review: Tactics Sport Thong

Hey guys, the following post is a guest review from Ryan. Be sure to let me know (in the form of comments or email) what you think of his review. If you like it, he'll write more!
Hello, guys. I'm Ryan, and this is the first in (hopefully) a series of posts with product reviews, discussion questions, and the like.

Just to start, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 22, newlywed, and a grad student at a small Midwestern school. I just recently started to get into fashion underwear, so my collection is small, but little by little growing.

A mainstay of what I'll be reviewing is my monthly shipment from the Mensuas Underwear of the Month Club. This is a great idea for an underwear retailer, and I look forward to getting some fun stuff. For those of you who don't know about it, the Mensuas Club is a deal where you subscribe through PayPal, tell Mensuas your size, and each month they send you a pair of underwear, of their choosing. One side perk of this arrangement is that Mensuas is a PayPal rewards vendor, so you will get back 5% on your purchases. The following is my review of my first shipment, so if you like what you read, let the owners of this blog know, and you'll get more from me.

Product of the month: Tactics Sport Thong

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea where to get this thong. Mensuas doesn't list it on their site, and UnderGear doesn't either; the only place I could find it online is eBay. This is sad, because overall, this thong is very comfortable.

I have a half-dozen or so different thongs, and so far, the Tactics Sport is the most comfortable for all-day wear. Mensuas sent me a black one and a white one, and they are both well-pleasing. A fairly standard soft-elastic waistband holds its shape throughout the day, and doesn't cut into my hips. The pouch is very soft cotton jersey-like material - single-layer, so the white is just slightly sheer (just enough to be fun). It is definitely the largest pouch of any of the thongs I have, but not oversized. Rather, it holds my package securely without squashing anything or having gaps on the sides. My favorite feature of all on this thong is the back. A normal Y-back connects to a strap that is about 1/2" wide, made of the same material as the pouch. I wore mine all day, two days in a row, and I never felt the butt-strap at all.

The only thing that could use improvement, in my opinion, is the waistband. It is fairly standard elastic - not terrible, but not overly comfortable. I wish Tactics would have softened the inside of the band.

This is definitely not the most sexy thong out there - full frontal coverage, and not very revealing - but it is great as all-day underwear. I even wore it under a suit, and it felt awesome. I played soccer in it, and it was completely comfortable the whole game. If I knew where to get it, I would definitely buy more of these.

MY RATING: Overall, I give the Tactics Sport Thong a total score of 9.25 (only because it isn't particularly sexy, and because of the waistband) based on the following criteria:
COMFORT -- 9.5 (out of 10)
Appeal -- 8 (out of 10)
WEARABILITY -- 11 (out of 10)
DURABILITY -- 10 (out of 10)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Ryan does a fine job. I'd like to read more reviews from him.

Anonymous said...

What? You wore them for two days in a row?

Ryan said...

No, I did not wear the same one two days in a row. Rather, I wore the black one first, then the white one the next day.

Anonymous said...

i only wear a thong at the gym underneath my jockey sport boxer briefs as an athletic supporter. its far more comfortable than traditional jockstraps.

i wear Mens Thong Underwear - Cotton Lycra Style 7623

the thong at the gym works for me but they do also have Bikini/Brief Styles.

or try

i would not wear a thong 24/7 all year long.

Anonymous said...

Would agree that thongs are a lot better for the gym.

Anonymous said...

I agree my first thong was a Tactics thong that I bought from Undergear back in the early 90s. Best thong I have every worn. The y back to me is the best choice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment excepts I find it rather sexy. I have a white one and bought it years ago from undergear. I have several thongs and by far it is the most comfortable one I own when it comes to securing my tools and the material between my "cheeks". I do agree about the waistband however it is not that bad. You do a great job on your description...are you still blogging?