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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who got a fresh pair....

Many of you have been emailing me asking me who the winners of the Freshpair Giveaway were and if they have missed the announcement. No, you have not missed the announcement, I have just been really bad at keeping you in the loop lately. I apologize for that and will try to do better in the future. But the winners have been notified and have most definitely already received their fresh pair (and there are a few reviews from them coming up, so stay tuned for those). The winners are as follows:
Greg P. - Ontario, Canada
David W. - Tennessee
Bart S. - New York
Congratulations to all of you! And thank you to all of you who entered, there were many great entries, it was very difficult to choose the winners. It's really great to have so many people put so much effort into their entries, it really makes my job fun! There will be some fun discussions happening soon based on the winning entries as well as some great guest reviews from the winners. So stay tuned!

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