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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Unzipped: The Basics

Another installment of Unzipped is here, and luckily I have no pants on to unzip so we ca get right to it. Let's see, this week I went pretty basic wearing basic white Calvin Kleins and black 2(x)ist. So thats my qestion for the week; What kind of basic underwear do you all like wearing for me its 2(x)ist, but what is it for you?

Also new this weekend will be a review on the Undies line from aussieBum. And while I'm on the topic of aussieBum be sure to read and tell me what you think of last week's review of the aussieBum Origins swim brief. Lastly be sure to check out the new video from those guys, its the second episode in their Outback Adventure series.

This week I have another question for you all. Last week you all may have noticed in my pictures that my pubic hair is growing out, but since swimming season has arrived for me I'm ready for a change. I'm feeling creative so I want something new, I'm up for whatever and wherever (front, back, underneath.) So I want to know how you all keep your pubes, and all the hair in that region, both the front and the back. Do you keep it clean, short trimmed, natural, or do you keep it in some kind of crazy design? (thats what I'm going for) And how much do you let show outside of your underwear? So help me out and tell me what you all do, and what you think I should do, I'd really appreciate it.

Lastly this week, I noticed that alot of my friends don't know anything about all the options there are in underwear. Is this just me and my friends or are yours the same? 'Cause I thought the days of Tighty-Whities and boxers were gone, but maybe I'm wrong.

This week Vizeau will be releasing its Spring-Summer 2008 collection so be sure to check that out.

As always I hope you all have enjoyed unzipping me, as much as I have. And be sure to tell me what you think, what you like what you don't like, or pretty much anything you all want to say. Finally remeber to always Rock Out With Your Cock Out, I know I sure do.



Timmy said...

I don't have a lot of basics LOL. In Europe, DIM is very widespread.

Unknown said...

pubes! to each their own.... personally i can not stand hair on my backside and in front nicely groomed just enough to not make me look a a 12 year old boy

Anonymous said...

for basics, I like my c-in2 bi fly briefs but CK Body hip briefs in black are kind of my go-to underwear most days, so I guess you'd consider that a "basic." I like my pubes pretty much natural but trimmed a little bit so they're not so puffy.

Ryan said...

I agree - natural-looking, but trimmed so as not to stick out of your underwear.

I guess that if I had to choose a "basic" go-to pair from my drawer, it would be my UnderGear contour trunk.

Anonymous said...

I am a chick, and I must tell you guys that Pubes showing is a definite NO NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pubes natural but trimmed. I don't know where some guys got the idea that the shaved bush thing is sexy, I think it looks ridiculous.

For basics, I stick with c-in2 or 2xist no shows. They fit perfectly and have lots of color/style variations.

Anonymous said...

Trimmed and well groomed. Balls clean, hairless. The package has to look hot and sexy.

As for basics: No, no, no. Every day is special and you need to mix it up: thongs, jock straps, bakinis, low rise boxers. White, sheer, colors, patterns. Basics are for our dads.

Your underwear is a direct reflection of who you are, so live a little or a LOT.

Anonymous said...

i like my pube hairy at times and yes clean at times,, luv to get sucked when its clean,, luv soft hands of my gf being moved on my soft shaved bush

Anonymous said...

Like others, trimmed and well groomed. You have to be ready for any occurance. Balls have to be shaved and smooth, especially if you have a large nut sack. Great to be massaged down there as well.

Anonymous said...

basically what underwear covers on me gets shaved, Nothing but beautyfull skin left. Front and back.