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Thursday, May 22, 2008

341 special at Jameswinston

Here's the deal with the '341 Free' pair special at Jameswinston:
Select any THREE pairs from ANY* of the ranges and get an additional ORIGINAL Retro Trunk for FREE (In the color and size of your choice!)

That gives you FOUR pairs of pants for the price of three - PLUS FREE carriage ! 

This special has been extended just for MUB readers, so what you have to do to get the special is enter "Underwearblog" in the contacts section and you will be contacted by email to sort out your pair.

* Offer limited to whilst stocks last and does NOT include Original Retro Trunks.


Carry It Like Harry said...

Can you do a review? Because I usually buy from and am not too convinced by the photos of Jameswinston about their enhancement technology.

UMan said...

politicojock, yes I will be doing a review in the near future. I can tell you for certain that the enhancement on the Jameswinstons is less dramatic than Cocksox. The Jameswinston is a much more natural looking and subdued enhancement.

Anonymous said...

HI Uman,

You're absolutely correct. The more exagerrated shapes are for the guys who want that look. We don't find those pouch shapes attractive (and there's also no use doing what's already been done). We're giving a halfway house which works brilliantly (see by our current reviews on the site). In effect, you look as good as you 'naturally' can within a very human aesthetic shape. We're keeping it very real- which is why we didn't visually over-hype with Photoshop. It's a big gamble but it leaves most of our customers pleasantly suprised at just how effective our 'MAX' Out tm position is.


Brian James


Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. Ltd