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Friday, May 02, 2008

Gregg Homme Stage line

I happened across this really cool style of undies from Gregg Homme and I just had to share. They are called Stage and they come in a boxerbrief and tanga/thong. Now I have to say that I generally do not like the look of mesh underwear, but I really love the look of these. The black mesh fabric is layered in a creative way that makes it so the pouch is modestly opaque while the back remains transparent. I also really love the use of positive and negative space that is provided by the cut-outs. I personally like the look of the boxerbrief over the thong, although the thong is pretty sexy as well. They are available at both ABCUnderwear and Wyzman for about $34. I just thought you might want to know.

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Chandira said...

Those are hot.. I usually prefer my men (well, one, I'm married!) without underwear, as I usually find mens' underwear very unappealing.. But these? Hmm.. I could be a convert. Or a pervert. Or both. ;-)

Wow, that put a whole new slant on MY afternoon..