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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pillowbiter from aussieBum

You may remember back in February aussieBum came out with special edition Valentine's boxers with built in booster jock enhancement technology. As I suggested, they've extended this new innovation in boxers to everyday boxers called Pillowbiter (if you don't get the name's reference look it up on Urban Dictionary). These new boxers are silky and small. They are low-rise with short legs, so there is very little covering. This is a good innovation as the problem that I often have with boxer shorts is there is just too much material that bunches up inside pants. The pillowbiter range comes in black, navy, and royal blue and is available for $28 USD from aussieBum.

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Jake Thomas Powell said...

I bought the valentine's boxers back in February and have been waiting for them to make this style a regular line. The cut is great and looks quite sexy, and the built in pouch provides just the right amount of support without being constricting. AussieBum is always top quality and although it's still a bit pricey, well worth it.