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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Banner...

As some of you have noticed there are new images in the M.U.B. banner, it is part of the new design to change the banner seasonally. You may be thinking that what you're seeing isn't underwear and you would be correct, it's swimwear! With swim season very close at hand M.U.B. will focus on swimwear in addition to underwear since the two are so closely related. You may also be thinking, "what are those lovely suits depicted in the banner?" I'm so glad you asked, let me tell you about them. Number 1 is the famous Grigio Perla suit featured in the latest James Bond movie and so fanatically discussed. Unfortunately these sold out quickly at International Jock, but you can still purchase the same styling (different colors) there for $122. Number 2 is from Diesel. It is the Lord Board short which comes in a multitude of colors including orange (shown), blue, and green. These board shorts make it easy to achieve the look of underwear under boardshorts without the soggy undies thanks to the double waistband. These can be purchased for around $90 at International Jock. And of course, the new banner also notes our age (M.U.B. celebrated its third birthday in March). So now you know, stay tuned for more underwear and swimwear news from M.U.B.

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