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Friday, July 31, 2009

Brand Profile: PIPE

PIPE is fairly new on the market. It is the inspiration of designer Palachio. Having grown up in a fashionable town in South America called Medellin, Palachio was very aware of what others were wearing. After moving to the United States he was disappointed by the lack of sexy, comfortable, and well made underwear like the ones he could easily find in Medellin. In fact he had to import his personal underwear from Medellin because he just couldn't find what he wanted in the states. After 10 years of this he decided it was time to take action and create his own line of underwear called PIPE. The idea was to create a colorful, sexy, and funky collection that would stand out from the crowd.

The PIPE collection is bold and unique. I honestly haven't ever seen anything quite like it. There are 10 different designs that use bold prints to bring across an idea. Each style is named things like Wings, Graffiti, The King, Golden City, and Dragon. Each style is a concept. On the site there are photos of each style that really help clarify the concept (shown Dragon, wings, and techno). My personal favorites are King, Wings, Dragon, and Techno. I also really enjoy how Palachio has decided to use metallic screen printing on some of the styles.

PIPE makes both trunks and briefs. Different styles have different silhouettes (in other words wings is a brief style only, you cannot get a trunk version). I really like this because it means that the print is tailored to the shape of the underwear. Each pair (briefs and trunks alike) retail for $24.50 each. You can purchase them at PIPE's official website. Also, be on the lookout for a review coming soon.

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