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Monday, July 27, 2009

Guest Post: Collecting

Today I am pleased to welcome guest poster James from James In Brief. James is a big underwear collector and his site is a combination of personal musings and showing off his collection. Every post includes a photo of him in his pair of the day (that's him below) along with a little tid bit about what's currently going on in his life. He then goes on to share lots of eye candy with his readers. So without further ado, here's James' guest post about collecting. And be sure to look out for more from James in the future.

Many people collect many different things. Jay Leno, for instance, collects cars and since he can afford it, good for him. I knew a gal who collected pigs… Porcelain pigs, pig towels, pig everything. Me, I collect underwear.

It all started years back, when I bravely decided to venture out of the tightie-whitie norm, and purchase that style in different colors. For whatever reason, which could be a whole different article, I became obsessed with underwear. Different colors led to different styles and the next logical step was bikinis, which seemed to get smaller and tighter as my collection grew.

It probably goes without saying that thongs, g-strings and jockstraps were not far behind. The beauty of collecting underwear is that the collection is endless… There will always be new styles, new cuts, new designs and new fabrics.

I did not mention boxers because they are my least favorite, but naturally they are included in my collection of hundreds or different pairs of underwear. Singlets? A few, of course.

I figure there are far worse or far more expensive things to collect, and I get to enjoy my collection literally every day! I could go on, but right now I need to run to the mailbox… I am expecting seven new thongs any day now!


Unknown said...

Good to hear that I am not the only one to collect underwear. I am a follower of James' blog for 2 years now and I enjoy it.

I must have something like a little over 300 different pieces of underwear, ranging from nicely designed, confortable boxers to the more naughty stuff. Some of which are only good to spice things up in the bedroom, since they're not confortable at all.

The thouught of slipping on a new pair of undies in the morning feels so great. At times it also makes you feel sexy.

Happy to notice that I am not alone....

Anonymous said...

I too have a drawer full. Even more fun is seeing the package in the mirror. Animal print and the smaller the better. Thongs are the most comfortable. I always enjoy wondering what people would say if they knew what I had on undie neath it all.

Anonymous said...

I really like the website as well.

Last count of my undies collection was 897 pairs, before I bought a 2 week supply each of the new CN2 Army Trunks and Punts for a total of 28 bamboo shorts from this fine designers. Turns out be be one of the best investments for the hot and humid Summer this year.

Yes I do have a few originals still from 2 (x) ist & CK, as they launch the men's underwear revolution in the mid 1980's.

Thankfully then came the online stores to give us even a better and great series of choices : International Jock, Mens Underwear Store, Fresh Pair just to name a few. So here we are today with multiple blogs and hundreds of styles to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I use to think something was wrong with me being obsessed with underwear. At least I know I'm not the only one who has a large collection I prefer boxers but have boxer briefs because of the colors or patterns