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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Brand: Smuggling Duds

Smuggling Duds is a new brand to hit the men's underwear scene. Smuggling Duds is based in the UK and is the latest urban brand to hit the markets.

Smuggling Duds is starting out with their stash pants (boxer shorts) and for women they also have a stash thong. Smuggling Duds pants are designed with an aesthetically pleasing condom pocket so you can use them to carry (aka smuggle) your condom or any other item in a fun, hip way. Although this blog generally centers around men's underwear, I am intrigued by the addition of the condom pocket into the women's thong. I've seen pockets in underwear before, but never in a thong - perhaps they will extend this into a men's version soon.

Smuggling Duds currently offers boxer shorts (stash pants) in six fun colors. I am hoping that they will expand their fun aesthetic into boxerbriefs and briefs sometime soon. They are selling their stash pants for the equivalent of about $20 USD. And if it's a bonus for you they also accept Paypal payments. So go ahead and get your Smuggling Duds. And stay tuned to this site for updates on Smuggling Duds and a product review.

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