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Friday, October 23, 2009

Key Largo Reviewed

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new brand of underwear called Key Largo. Key Largo prides itself in being the first underwear brand designed for Baby Boomer men and women. The styles are full cut and conservative and are all about the comfort. Their goal is to provide quality full-coverage, comfortable underwear at a reasonable price. Key Largo for men comes in three styles: a low-rise brief, a mid-cut brief, and a boxerbrief. All styles come in black, white, and heather gray and are sized small - xx-large. Key Largo is the brainchild of Lea Holder; you can read her blog about the industry here.

Today I'm going to review the mid-rise brief. My sample was in black. I have to start off by saying that I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a Baby Boomer and therefore am not really part of Kay Largo's target market. That said, I still really like these undies and can appreciate their comfort and coverage even though they are not what I normally would wear.

Key Largo really is all about the comfort, that's the first thing I notice when I put these things on - they're incredibly comfortable and oh-so-soft. You really can't argue with that. There's no tag in the back to cause itching and irritation and the waistband is covered to provide optimal comfort. The 100% cotton brief feels like it has been washed a hundred times (in a good way) right out of the box. I don't know if I've ever experienced the likes of it before.

In terms of fit, the mid-rise is much higher than I am accustomed to wearing. Today when I pulled on my pants as high as they would go (low-rise jeans), I still had about an inch of the brief showing above the pants (I suppose I could've switched to a different pair of pants). That said, the rise is probably just fine for the target audience who most likely will be wearing higher rise pants than I wear. When I first looked at these briefs I felt like there was a ton of fabric and that there was no way these would fit me without being baggy, but I was wrong. They fit like a charm. Even around the legs, where I often experience gaping, was snug in a comfortable way that still allows for movement (although they did stretch out a bit during the day). Another great feature of these briefs is that they have a functional fly on the front that... wait for it... actually functions! This is an anomaly among briefs where even though there is often a functional fly it really is too cumbersome to bother using. This fly actually easily opens without being too constrictive but also pops back into place when you're done using it. I was quite impressed.

These briefs will not be winning any style awards. But then again, they aren't trying to. They are a very basic, classic brief that does the job. They are unpretentious with a simple off-set logo label in the front. They are well priced at $12 a piece and promise to keep you in comfort for years to come. So in short, Key Largo accomplished their goals of making quality, comfortable, affordable underwear with full coverage.


Overall, I give the Key Largo Mid-Rise Briefs a total score of 8.8 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 8 (out of 10) - they do loosen up a bit during the day
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10) - really can't be beat
STYLE -- 7 (out of 10) - there really isn't too much style, they are just simple and basic
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 9 (out of 10)

********** 8.8

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