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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Ball Lifter from WildmanT

As a special for Halloween WildmanT will be selling pumpkin colored (orange and black) ball lifters for only $10! That's a great deal since they're normally $17 a piece. These things are sure to do the trick for your package; they'll be a treat!


Wil said...

This works just like that ring in the CIN2 underwear right? Except its seperate so you'd have to wear it under another pair of underwear... or would you not wear any undies if you wore this?

UMan said...

Yes, it is very similar to the c-ring in the C-IN2 underwear. You don't necessarily have to wear something over it, although I would highly encourage you do so you don't get anything caught in your zipper. The idea of the ball lifter is basically that it can make any underwear enhancement underwear.