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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will the Real Lowrise Please Stand Up?

I’m baaacccckkkkk! Damn! It’s been a long time. But you can’t keep a good contributor down.

Now, I consider myself a men’s briefs expert. I’ve tried them and own a large variety of them. And much to the chagrin of my dad, I’ve touched them on other boys. I love the variety of cuts, prints, and colors that are now available to men nowadays. We ARE living in the age of underwear.

But above all else, I love a good low-rise brief. I think my unexplainable adoration of the low-rise stems from the way they provide the support of a brief, but allow for greater freedom of movement than your average tighty whitey (not that I have anything against those). To me, the skimpier cut says a lot about the wearer; it says that you’re sporty and need just the barest of coverage for you to move in for the score. It could be that they say that you’re naughty, and that the brief coverage is just a promissory note for what’s to come.

In the hierarchy of underwear I think “low-rise” gets confused at times with “bikini” or “hi-cut”. In my opinion, these three terms refer to three distinct garments. The rise refers to where the waistband stops on your body. Bikinis do not have waistbands and hi-cut briefs are pretty much bikinis with a waistband.

To qualify as low-rise (to me) the brief has to be cut in a way so that when one slips them on, they provide coverage so low riding in the front and back that it barely covers your red zones…basically, you need to see bush and crack Sadly, manufacturers and designers don’t have a consistent vision as to what constitutes a low-rise, a hi-cut, and a bikini. This lack of consensus is frustrating for consumers; imagine rushing home after thinking you purchased an uber hot low-rider and unwrap something that is not lowrise at all. It’s definitely happened to me a couple of times, ergo, this article.

Luckily for you, dear readers, I have gone into my vast underwear drawers to dredge up a couple of tried and true lowrise briefs that I heartily recommend for your wearing pleasure:

C-in 2: C-in2 lowrise are dependable low rise. They come in a bunch of fun colors and prints. Their lowrise briefs are called no-show.

2(x)ist: These are from the contrast line. 2xist lowrise briefs are notoriously inconsistent from line to line. For example, their Optic line no shows are pretty full cut so much so that I wouldn’t consider them lowrise. But this contrast brief…love it!

Go Softwear: Remember the super low cotton-lycra contrast briefs? They really are super low. Here, I’m rockin’ the camouflage version. These are one of the original super lowrise briefs.

Emporio Armani: These were advertised as a Macy*s anniversary edition hip brief. But when I pulled these suckers on, well, Happy Anniversary!

So my little chickadees, now that you know the difference go out and get them lowrise and don’t be afraid to fancy up all that junk up in your trunk.


Sheila Putang said...

Low riders like that I dont find really attractive.. you have a butt so why not a nice pair of briefs or boxer briefs.. leave something to the imagnination.. now thats hot!

Rodden Shaw said...

It's true that low riders often don't show off the glues to their best, however they do tend to hug the genitals at the front and show a large part of the crotch/pubic hair, which many find attractive.