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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Guest Review: Cue Underwear

The following is a guest review from Ryan. He also reviewed the Tactics thong and Magic silk thong for MUB a while back. Let us know what you think of his guest review. And yes, the photos are of Ryan.
It isn't often that I get free undies simply for asking, so I was pretty excited to get some recently from a relatively new company based in Malaysia called Cue Underwear. They make a "hip brief" style, and a "trunk" style, both in a 90/10 cotton/elastane blend fabric, and were gracious enough to send me a sample of each.

First, the brief. The first thing you notice when you take either style out of the box is the V-shaped waistband. The waistband is a generic bare elastic waistband, printed with around and around. However, the interesting thing is that it comes together in a V pointing toward your assets. Maybe it would look better on someone more in shape, with that enviable V that leads your eye into the depths, but it didn't do anything for me. So I proceeded to put them on, and the fabric is thin, but very comfortable. The rear on this brief is maybe what one would call a 3/4 back -- definitely not full coverage, but not too exposing. The only really strange thing is how the pouch is designed. They allow quite a bit of room in the front, calling it the "Cockpit". However, that room is all at the bottom of the pouch. Not being overly well-endowed myself, I ended up with a "wattle" of fabric under my assets, which was not uncomfortable, but not flattering either. All-in-all, a decent design, but not the best execution. Grade - solid B+ Would I buy more? I might consider it.

Overall Grade: B+ based on the following
Design: B-
Fit: A-
Fabric: A+
Construction: A

Next, the trunk. Like the brief, the trunk has a bare waistband in the same V shape. However, the big difference is the pouch. Whereas the brief's pouch was over-generous, this trunk's pouch fit me like a glove. It was very comfortable, and rather flattering, if I may say so. The trunk looks very small coming out of the box, but the fabric is amazingly stretchy, and fits nicely. While not specifically designed for it, this cut also made my butt look good, too. Aside from the slightly goofy waistband, this is definitely an A-grade trunk. Would I buy more? - definitely.

Overall Grade: A, based on the following:
Design: A- (just 'cuz of the odd waistband)
Fit: A+
Fabric: A+
Construction: A

So there you have it. Stay tuned for my thoughts on Cue Underwear.


Unknown said...

The Obviously underwear has that issue w/the bunching if you don't have enough packing to fill it. It makes those uncomfortable to wear sometimes if your junk falls out of the pouch.

After wearing undies with wrapped waistbands or softer material, going back to regular underwear elastic seems... not so much fun.

Anonymous said... really should find someone else to do your modeling. Egad!

Anonymous said...

I like chubby bearish guys in underwear so I loved your post! Love to see more!

Anonymous said...

nice cock, tubby