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Monday, March 08, 2010

New Collection: aussieBum Banana

Australian underwear giant aussieBum just released a brand new concept in men's underwear: underwear made from banana fiber. The new line, aptly called banana, features brief and trunk styles in white with a green and yellow waistband. With the increasing eco-consciousness of today's world, banana fiber underwear is yet another way you can go green. It is a sustainable material and promises to be ultra comfortable. So check it out!


Jay said...

I really look forward to find out how this fabric feels :)

JayToday said...

I hope this banana thing works out better then the bamboo craze. Bamboo needs a rediculous amount of chemicals to extract the fibers and make them workable, let alone soft.
Moreover, the garments made from bamboo would often loose shape and be completely unwearable sooner rather then later.
It's not being used mostly to soften cotton, I've even seen it used as a liner in the pouch of certain briefs.

We'll see what the banana has to offer.

Michelle said...

I've always been a big fan of Aussiebum, not just for their styling but also their drive to continually innovate and look for new fabrics and ways to do things.

Like both Jays I'm really interested to see what it actually feels like in reality, bamboo promised a whole lot, but has JayToday says it didn't live up to it. Maybe just maybe banana can.