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Monday, May 03, 2010

Baskit Winners Part 5

The baskit contest winner for 2/8/10 was Andre O. from India. He's rocking some grey bikini briefs.
Here's a couple more images he sent us during the contest period:
And here's him in the Baskit brief he won:


Wil said...

YUMMY! Great pics.

The Pure underwear looks really amazing. They look nice and crisp, the colors are very vibrant. They look a lot better than I would expect out of just a plain'ish pair of undies.

mao said...

Yes The Pure brief looks good. Please could you ask Andre to let us know who made the white brief with black waistband, and also the grey bikini?

Andre said...

The designer of the white brief with black waistband is skinxwear. This is the review:
The designer of the grey bikini is Renoma.
I hope this will help you. And also thanks for your comment.

Steve said...

Lovely indeed! Thanks, Andre, for sharing with us! The grey bikini from Renoma is my favorite because it's smooth without visual distractions yet with plenty to ogle. Which is more than we expect, as we can see from the Skinxwear bikini. What do you wear to swim in?