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Friday, May 21, 2010

Baskit Winners Part 6

Our second to last Baskit winner was John T. from New York for 2/9/10.  He recently bought a pair of briefs after not wearing them for many years and absolutely loved them.  But as a poor college student he cannot afford to buy any more.  Here at MUB we can sympathize with John's predicament so we thought we could send him a pair to help him out.  Plus we couldn't resist his cute ensemble. 


Steve said...

Finally -- a reason to bring back the necktie! How scrumptious. John is a fashion inspiration: match your tie with your undies.

Anonymous said...

I think it can be good to match the undies and tie, especially if adds a little surprising brightness to the outfit. eg, I often wear my orange elliptic trunks when I wear my orange and blue tie - but otherwise conservative shirt & suit. Leaves a "surprise' element when undressing, although the shirt and tie (and shoes & socks) really should be long gone before the trousers come off!