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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Athlete Jock - A New Classic

Over the past couple of years a new style has been born that is a hybrid of jockstrap and brief, I've been calling it the jockstrap brief.  It is basically a jockstrap but with the straps made of the same, continuous brief fabric.  Baskit started this trend with their ribbed jockbrief.  Timoteo took it last year and remade it with their sport collection.  And now Timoteo is doing it again and reworking their own style and, as they phrase it, updating a classic.  This new Athlete Jock, as they're calling it, is available in a number of brief colors such as turquoise and fuchsia as well as yellow and camouflage. 

I still haven't had the chance to try this style.  But the new title for the style, athlete jock, leads me to believe that they are really pushing for these to become sports underwear.  Not having tried it, I can't say how well this would work.  But I'd be willing to give it a go. What's your take on this?  Have you worn this for sports? What's your experience? 

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