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Monday, August 22, 2011

Like Wearing a Second Skin... Croota Review

Croota is yet another new men's underwear brand hailing from down under... it seems lots of undies are coming from Australia these days.  They really know how to make them.  Today I'm going to be reviewing the Croota Second Skin Bikini, which is really a thong.  

The fit of these undies is difficult to describe.  On first inspection they seem to be a thong, but they're not quite as stringy as a thong.  There's a little more coverage to them.  In fact, Croota bills them as a legless t-back bikini.  But that's not very descriptive either.  Basically the back triangle is a little larger than what you normally get with thongs, thus making the strap that goes between your legs a little thicker and less likely to wedge itself up your ass in uncomfortable ways.  But there is no coverage on the sides other than the waistband.  The entire contraption is low-rise with a fairly small-sized pouch.  

As far as comfort goes, as I previously mentioned the pouch is on the small side.  It does a good job of holding things when everything is in its normal state, but otherwise forget it.  However, I honestly didn't have too many problems with this once I got them on.  I really enjoy the widened t-back, because my biggest complaint with thongs in general is that I occasionally need to pull them down as they ride up through the day.  But the wider back seems to hold this bikini/thong in place better and I only found myself having to adjust once or twice during the day.  One judge of comfortable underwear is if you notice you're wearing it, and with these I barely even realized I was wearing anything during the day they were so light and comfortable.  It was like being naked, or wearing a second skin. 

The style says sexy, but doesn't scream sexy like many other skimpy undies.  It is sexy, but it doesn't take itself so seriously - it's a little fun.  I really enjoy the printed waistband in lieu of a logo waistband.  The pair I tried had a leopard print, but they also come in plaid and striped prints.  I really enjoy the flair that Croota put into these undies.  

As far as the quality goes, the fabric is excellent and washes quite well with no fading or pilling on the body or waistband.  Depending on where you live you can get them from Croota for $17.90 or from (the official US authorized retailer) for $17.90 as well.  While they're not very much fabric for the price, they are well made and make for great summer wear.  They are also a great alternative to your standard thong. 

In addition to this thong, Croota also makes lots of other great products.  So be sure to check them out at and - both great retail sources.  

Overall, I give the Croota Second Skin Bikini/Thong a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 9 (out of 10) - Similar to a thong but with a larger triangle in back.  Small pouch. 
COMFORT -- 9 (out of 10) - Soft, comfy fabric.  Great for all-day wear. 
STYLE -- 9 (out of 10) - Sexy but fun.  
QUALITY -- 9 (out of 10) - Well made. Does not fade or pill. 
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10) - Expensive for something so small, but nice alternative to the standard thong.



Anonymous said...

very interesting review, I have seen these advertised on various websites & wondered about that semi-thong back & how it would feel. Now I'm inclined to buy a pair, thanks for the detailed report.

wilson said...

I tried on the SS01 second skin they run on skimpy side,and there is not much coverage in the front pouch ,and my private parts buldge out of them Tight underwear are not recommened.

Anonymous said...

I have recently started trying thongs as a cooler alternative. They work and when you get used to them (a couple weeks) its hard to go back. Ive bought every good brand i could find, and by far Croota has made the best. Like you said - Fun. Comfortable, light, and the coverage at the back prevents the accidental plumbers crack revealing your underwear choice to less enlightened folks. Croota has done an excellent job. I hope they prosper accordingly.

Anonymous said...

i don't mind these at all. nice design, fit is good, just takes getting used too.

Anonymous said...

I have been wearing the Croota thong for some time and give it full marks. Very comfortable and the thong is not uncomfortable between your cheeks. The cut provides a nice pants line which has some people confused, is he wearing a thong or high cut briefs.

Anonymous said...

These are crap - no room for your junk... Basically a woman's thong...