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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Sly... New Brand

Have you heard of Sly yet?  We have.  We discovered Sly a few months back when founder Dan Murray shot us an email.  And I must say, we've fallen in love with the brand (and his accent).

At just 20 years of age, Australian Dan Murray founded Sly (he founded it 3 years ago when he was 17).  This is partially why we love Sly so much, because we here at MUB are all around his age and thus can relate to all that he's going through to start his new brand.  While hailing from Australia, Sly has already expanded its presence into the South African, New Zealand, and American markets.

Sly's style is edgy with a bit of urban flair.  The line is based around boxerbriefs, and we always do love good boxerbriefs.  And what's more, he's hoping to fill a niche with his brand between the super high-end undies and the low-end.  He's offering high-end style at affordable prices.  And we must say we love this!

There are two different cuts, long boxers and short boxers and lots of different styles.  And as is becoming common place, the styles include a pocket on the leg that is useful as a condom pocket. 

Watch the following video to hear more about the brand from the owner himself and hear about his nomination for Australian Bachelor of the Year. And stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Dan and a review of Sly undies. 

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nice find thanks !