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Friday, August 26, 2011

Eye Candy - First Look at Rafael Nadal for Armani

This just in: sexy new pics of tennis hunk Rafael Nadal modelling for Armani.  The new campaign for Emporio Armani will feature Nadal as the face (and bulge) of Armani underwear (much like David Beckham was in the past).  These are just the first of many more to come, enjoy!

Question of the Day:  What are your thoughts on the trend of sports players becoming underwear models?  First Beckham, now Nadal?  In your opinion, how do they compare?  

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Anonymous said...

I just don't think Rafael is a good choice. His face isn't photogenic (often looks massively Photoshopped) and as far as underwear goes he has no bulge. It kind of freaks me out.