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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight-Loss Update

Hello. It's me again - the guy who writes about normal guy thoughts in and about underwear. Sorry I don't have a hot body or any other eye candy to offer, like the other interns.

But I am working on the body shape part of things. When I first wrote awhile back, I was down 19 lbs and just starting to notice the positive changes. Well, as of today I am 26 lbs down, and still feeling good. This losing weight business is tough stuff - way harder than putting it on in the first place. I've kinda hit a point where my losses have slowed down, because I've been busy lately, and I've been lazy about my diet and exercise. Next week it's back to the routine, hopefully.

Here are some progress pics for you. The navy blue pair is a Stafford ribbed trunk, available from JC Penney. I chose to post in this pair, because even two months ago, it was too tight and made me look and feel awful. Now I can wear them comfortably, although the muffin top is still there. I keep losing inches higher up, and the fat is settling down just above my hips (argh).

The other pair is a Calvin Klein X trunk. I put these on today because they are all stretchy and a bit flashy, and they just make me feel nice when I wear them. Hope you like 'em.

Neither of these pairs has a fly, but quite a few of the pairs I own do. That was one place where I noticed that I needed to lose weight. A number of my pairs have small rips or tears at the seam of the fly where the pouch was stretched too far because my thighs were too big before. (No, it's not because of how much is filling the pouch. I wish.) Now my flys work properly. Guess I'm just going to have to add those to the list of pairs to be replaced. Any suggestions on what to replace them with? I'm still waiting for UMan to hook me up with anything...

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Anonymous said...

Great job. Keep it up. I think you look great. Love a regular looking guy that resembles me.