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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fruit of the Loom Ad: Rings

Just saw this Fruit of the Loom ad on TV and I have to say I'm unimpressed. Now it's not just because I'm biased against boxers (which I am). Seriously I didn't even know what they were selling. The guy has a great body, but these boxers aren't remotely flattering on him. In fact I didn't even know what they were selling and I certainly didn't realize they were his undies. And now that I realize what they're selling, I certainly don't want it.  Do guys actually wear stuff that looks this bad on them and want to look this way?

What are your thoughts on this commercial? Discuss.


JayToday said...

anyone else feel like this is just a terrible take on the Grip campagne from Cin2 ?

UMan said...

I'm not familiar with that campaign. But it's generally just a terrible ad, doesn't make me notice or want the underwear AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I generally like guys in boxers, so this ad does it for me. I wear FTL boxers, and I find them airy and comfortable. But then, I'm not really all that great about fashion.