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Sunday, November 04, 2012

InTouch Hulk Boxer Briefs Reviewed

Hello old and new readers of MUB. I am very excited to be joining the team as the result of the recent “Join our team” announcement. I am a 25 year old who recently graduated from college. I have recently begun to see results from working out and have put on some muscle, which has been my dream for most of my scrawny life. With this change comes the confidence to dress myself up well and be seen. What better place to start than the most basic layer of clothing? As I outgrow my current collection and start to amass new pairs, I look forward to telling you about my new discoveries in the world of men’s underwear. Hope you will allow me a little stumbling room as I get used to things around here.

Now, I might have forgotten to mention in the intro that on most days, I work from home as an animator. Working from home certainly has it’s benefits, one of which is, not having to get dressed. As somewhat of an underwear enthusiast, I own easily over 25 pairs. Which in my opinion is not an extremely large number while making sure that there is everything from boxers to thongs in my underwear drawer. My purchases span everything from lounging, classy, raunchy and erotic while others are just plain fun.

For my first review for the site, I will be reviewing a pair of underwear that I own which falls in that category of “plain fun”. Being a geek and superhero movie fan, I just had to get my hands on (or "my ass in," more accurately speaking) this “Incredible Hulk” boxer brief as soon as I saw the picture. These boxer briefs are by a brand called InTouch (site works sporadically) and can be ordered for about $15 on eBay (auction ended).

As with all Asian sizing, I went for a Medium and it fit me perfectly. The back, and legs are snug without being uncomfortably tight. The pouch provides good support in the front and due to the soft and very stretchable material will also accommodate a sizable package. What I also like about the underwear is that the pouch is just one layer of cloth, thus it is more comfortable in warmer weather and also allows for the hulk (sorry, I had to do it) to expand comfortably.

Finally, lets talk about the aspect that really made this a must buy for me: The print. The back sports the big “HULK and the super mariner” title which could be read from across the room. A smaller image of the hulk lies underneath which isn’t going to be seen if you have a very round butt. But the front is where the impact is. The face of the Hulk is front and center on the pouch with his green arms on the sides accented by Hulk’s pink pants. The colors will survive washes so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out.

All things considered, I believe this pair is a great value for money. The elastics, stitching and fabric have all passed the test of time really well. This is one pair that is a must for all superhero fans.


• Fit: 4 out of 5 for asian size discrepancy 
• Comfort: 5 out of 5 
• Look: 5 out of 5 
• Value for money: 5 out of 5

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I'd love to buy these for a guy I'm dating. Can you tell me what size jeans you wear? You ordered the Medium which say they will come with a Large tag, is that right? My guy is a 28 in jeans, was wondering if I should buy him a Small. Thanks again!