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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Style: aussieBum PocketJockit

I know we haven't talked about aussieBum in a while, but they're still strong and kicking and pumping out sexy, innovative undies. Today I just thought I'd share a new style from them, the PocketJockit. This style features a pocket in the pouch "to store anything you can imagine". I also imagine that you could stuff the pouch to enhance your profile if you like. I just thought that this video was fun and cheeky so I wanted to share it. The PocketJockit normally retails for $25 USD, but it's currently on sale for $16 USD. So that's a great deal. No idea how long this sale will last, so act fast!

1 comment:

David Carney | Oki-ni Store said...

This reminds me of kangaroo pouch. Pretty innovative though! Hmmm? Can the remote control fit in it so that my wife won't be able change the sports channel. Hahaha! Just a thought!