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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Croota Review - Sprinkles! (Part 1 of 2)

I've told UMan about that I don't wear boxer briefs often - I prefer to have underwear that is fun, revealing, tight fitting and even daring. You don't often find these qualities in a boxer brief but, I was pleasantly surprised with what came across my underwear drawer recently. I was given the chance to review two new Croota products, both of which are boxer briefs. One is a trunk style and the other is a more traditional length. 

So, here's the first review. For the second review, keep your eye out for the All The Pattern review (coming soon).

First up is Sprinkles!

I'm actually really in love with the Sprinkles pair because they automatically popped out. The concept is something I've never thought about, kind of like a combo of a polka dot with a retro twist. I can't get over the name too, it just sounds fun! I had no idea what two pairs I was getting so it was a surprise that these were included. I immediately decided these were first to put on. I got the grey pair (I am modeling above) which has a simple white band, contour pouch and a short leg. The stitching on the legs gives the trunks a classic feel and paired with the colorful sprinkles pattern is really fun and nostalgic. So these definitely fit in the category of fun and flashy.

The sizing for the sprinkles pair I got is 27-29, small which worked nicely for me (I'm about a 27). I do appreciate having a sizing that goes below 28 because it is so difficult to find something that is tight fitting enough to not get too big through the day. Not many brands do go to a 27 or even a 26 and it definitely makes a difference. They fit me nicely in the waist, the junk and butt area.  The legs fit a little big in back right beneath the butt though. I suspect this is simply for comfort while walking or for shape while sitting as well as me being a 27, the smaller end of the sizing. The pouch is seamed on the sides and once down the middle to slightly contour, though the trunks hold everything comfortably snug. 

Croota uses a simple fabric blend of cotton with an elastane for stretch, so there isn't anything really special for these in that department but this works as an advantage. These are definitely not meant to be anything kinky or daring so a simple fabric choice is good for comfort and to get guys to try out something different in their comfort zone.
I've worn these to work, school, and to lounge at home and found it was comfortable, moveable and functional. They do, as I mentioned, have a little more room (as you can see in the picture above) in the legs so watch for bunching under slimmer pants. This is certainly where my love for jocks and thongs comes from, I simply don't like fabric that feels like it doesn't need to be there. 

I really wish they would make some more colors of this style. I love nice neutral tones with pops of color, it's fun and different but also realistic for the average guy too. I could also really see these in an inverted color scheme like bright pink with chocolate sprinkles or white, grey and black. There's definitely a lot of potential for this boxer brief.

MY RATING: 8.25 (out of 10)
Recommended for: Comfort and showing off (whatever that may be ;) )


Stay tuned for the next part where I will review the All That Pattern boxer brief.

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