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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thonging, Obviously - A Review

The Obviously Geometric Thong is quickly becoming my favorite thong! While some guys may be hesitant to try thongs because of the idea of having a piece of string running up the crack, this thong is one I'd recommend for anyone, from novice thong wearer to the experienced thong connoisseur. I am proud to review this thong for you today.

This thong has a very "cool" design. It is bedecked with the a geometric pattern on the pouch. This particular design is made up of an array of colors, including gray, black, white, and a cool baby blue. Across the black waistband closer to the left hip, the brand's namesake "Obviously" is prominently but tastefully displayed in the same baby blue. The designer does a very good job of pulling the color scheme together in a cohesive and artistic manner throughout. The string of the thong is wider than some I've worn, so there's not as much discomfort as with some strings.

Obviously has created one of the most comfortable thongs I have encountered. The waistband is hardly noticeable, even after a long day; whereas many thongs have waistbands that are too tight and that leave an impression in the skin after just a few hours, this waistband is snug without being too tight. What is probably the thing that distinguishes this thong from any other I've worn is the pouch; while most thongs have a "barely there" pouch with hardly any fabric, this thong has a considerably roomier pouch, which Obviously calls an "anatomical pouch.". Usually, in my experience, when you get hard in a thong, there's no way to stay inside the pouch. But this pouch seems to expand as I do. The thong is made of a Modal/Lycra blended fabric, and I must say that it is super soft and has a nice "airy" feel. The fabric also wicks away sweat from the groin to keep things nice and dry. 

As far as price goes, this thong is a little on the pricey side. At roughly $25 a pair, this thong may not be for the novice who is unsure as to whether he wants to try thongs or not. However, as a more seasoned thong wearer, I can honestly say that I can see paying this much for a thong this comfortable and stylish. 

Overall, I give the Obviously Geometric Thong a 9 out of 10 based on the following categories
Style = 10 (out of 10): very stylistic design with cool patterns and a good choice of colors
Fit = 10 (out of 10): anatomical pouch sets this thong above most others
Comfort = 10 (out of 10): very comfortable Modal/Lycra fabric blend
Value = 7 (out of 10): a bit on the pricey end, so not for the hesitant, but definitely worth the price for what you get

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