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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Björn Borg at

I have two great new things to tell you about today. The first is fantastic new underwear store that is based in the Netherlands. It is They offer lots of great brands, including: 2(x)ist, Body Art, Bruno Banani, Calvin Klein, Chevignon, DIM, HOM, Unico, Nikos A., Punto Blanco, Schlesser, Sloggi, and Björn Borg. Out of all of these I am possibly most intrigued by the Björn Borg. I have never actually seen this brand anywhere else, which is probably why it intrigues me the most. It is a really fun and great brand. In the photo you can see the Björn Borg new style boxer. This boxer is really fun and comes in a lot of fun colors and print varieties. I really like the whole Björn Borg collection that is available at, so check it out now.


Anonymous said...

Might this be designed by the tennis player of the same name? I think that's the correct name if I'm not mistaken.

Very interesting though. Fun designs. I wonder if they plan on coming to NA?


UMan said...

Well Marcus, I have never heard of a tennis player with the same name. But I did a little research, and Wikipedia tells me that the tennis player did indeed start a fashion line after he retired, so I'm guessing that this is from him. By NA do you mean North America?

Anonymous said...

Hi Uman,

Yup, sorry, NA means North America to me :) Interesting career transformation :) Now a days it seems more common for athletes to have fashion lines, but back in his day (I think he was at his prime in the 80's, maybe the 70's?) I don't think the relationship was quite as obvious.

Thanks for clearing that up!


UMan said...

Yes it is an interesting career transformation. Check out his website for the rest of his line.

Anonymous said... also carries Bjorn Borg and many other brands. It is my favourite site to order from. I think their prices are also lower than

...and you had never heard of Bjorn Borg? Wow...