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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Buying Resource: DeadGoodUndies

DeadGoodUndies is a new underwear buying site. It is launched by the same website and undies expert, Adam Davies, who created JustHom. The reason this site was created is because in the very first year of running JustHom it was clear that they could not contain their business to just one brand, but due to the branding issues, they could not simply add more brands to the JustHom site. Thus DeadGoodUndies, or DGU, was created. For those of you who are not familiar with British English, "dead good " means "very good". Some of the brands that DGU offers that they could not offer on JustHom include: Impetus, Strellson, Sloggi for Men, Bruno Banani, Mey, Jameswinston Co., and of course HOM. They have carefully choosen which particular styles of underwear they stock from all these brands, and they truly have choosen the best of each of them. Also, in the development of DGU, Adam and company came up with a lot of great new features as well as ways to implement some of the great features already offered at JustHom. They really made a concerted effort to make their site as user friendly as possible. They continued the loyalty point system that allows you to collect points from your purchases which can then be used towards discounts on future purchases. Their improvements include: bigger and clearer (than JustHom) photos so it is easier to tell what you are buying; easier search functionality through the use of filters; "show me everything" buttons; and shopping by price. Also, just a side note, keep in mind that JustHom and DeadGoodUndies are completely separate companies that are simply founded by some of the same people. So be sure to add DeadGoodUndies to your list of underwear shops (I've added it to mine), it's definitely worth a click. If you want to learn more about them, check out their about us page.

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