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Monday, March 19, 2007

New Underwear Blogs

In browsing the web I've run across a few more underwear blogs to tell you about. But with all these underwear blogs popping up all over the web today, it is important to remember that this blog was THE FIRST!

Underwear Fanatic: This is a fairly new blog that started in January. It is run by two guys who are into underwear and swimwear. It's pretty much like this blog and UD.

Hot Underwear For Guys: This is also a fairly new blog (I believe it started in December). The about page just states "We explore and examine the latest and hottest underwear for guys." I'm not totally sure what this blog's niche is, but it's worth a look (it hasn't been updated very recently though).

Topdrawers Underwear: This is probably my favorite of the three, it is very unique (although a little similar to the Mensuas blog). They talk about all the new stuff going on at their online retail site, Topdrawers.

I've added all these blogs to the sidebar so you can easily access them at a later date.

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