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Sunday, March 18, 2007

We were the first...

I also forgot to mention in the previous post that Men's Underwear Blog was the first underwear blog on the web. We have been around longer than any other blog on the web (yes, longer than UD).


Jay Z said...

Yes, it's true. Men's Underwear Blog came right before UndiesDrawer -- you beat us by a couple of weeks. Amazing how we both had the same inspiration around the same time. I had no idea you were out there when we started UndiesDrawer.

At the same time, one correction: I know that Un-der-where? was in existence before both of us. I remember reading it before I started UndiesDrawer. I double-checked today, and their first post was in September 2004, so they predate both of us.

UMan said...

I see what you are saying Jay, but I personally do not consider blogs like Un-der-where? underwear blogs. Yes it is a blog, and yes it talks about underwear. But I consider it an underwear store blog, because it is affiliated with an online retailer. Although it is true that USG Online does not sell stuff on their site they are owned and strongly affiliated with many underwear store sites. So I still consider this blog to be the first of its type. I'm sure there were other blogs that mentioned underwear before Un-der-where? did, but that would be getting really technical. But technically, in my opinion, UB was the first blog of its type.

Deusex said...

I'd just like to invite you to look at un-der-where? blog again before you broadcast your assumptions.

It is first and foremost an underwear blog. It explores all aspects of underwear. It does cover the commercial side of things, but it mostly covers the sexual side of underwear.

And as for being affiliated with an online retailer, USG-online started over 5 years ago, Un-der-where blog started 3 years ago, and Jockstrap Central, my one and only online store started 2 years ago.

The blog was an extension of USG and both were created for the gay underwear fetish community.

The online stores advertised on the site are all affiliate advertising with the exception of a few paid advertisers of late. The advertising alleviates (but doesn't fully cover) the costs of running such a popular and bandwidth heavy site. Trust me, it's not a commercial venture, but a labour of love.

As for the topic at hand. Who cares who's the first? I just think it's great that there's so many great outlets for us underwear fanatics, where 5 years ago, there was practically nothing (except for underwear4men)

UMan said...

Deusex.. I'm sorry if I upset you with my generalizations. That was not the intention. I simply wanted to get across the fact that UB has been around for a long time. I agree with you, it is great that there is a lot out there in terms of men's underwear on the web. Thank you for the clarifications. I still maintain; however, that this is the first blog that is run in this way and that is completely unaffiliated with anything else. In other words, this is the first blog on this issue that is done in this way that is just a blog and nothing else.

Deusex said...

"completely unaffiliated with anything else"

...except the advertisers in the right column! :-)

having affiliates on my site is no different than having advertisers, except you get paid a set amount each month instead of getting paid based on commissons.

However I do understand where you're coming from and you do have a fantatic blog.

UMan said...

The advertisers are not actually affiliated, they are just simply that, advertisers. I think you do understand my point, and I do acknowledge that you were around before our site, it's just that I don't consider our sites in the same category. :)

Deusex said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but I still don't think you're getting the concept of affiliates. It doesn't mean they're affiliated with my site at all, it just refers to the system in which they pay me for the banners on my site. They are in the most basic sense - advertisers as well. The only difference is that instead of say paying me $200 a month (arbitrary figure), they pay me a commission of any sales I send their way. Other than the payment method, they are technically advertisers. I have no vested interest in their stores or sites (except for Jockstrap Central of course - I'd be silly not to advertise that on my sites)

I don't consider our sites in the same category either, except they are underwear sites. Yours deals with the industry, where as mine deals with fetish, sexuality and community.


UMan said...

I understand what affiliate programs are. And none of my current advertisers are through affiliate programs. They simply pay flat monthly rates (whether I send sales their way or not).

Thank you, glad we agree that we are not in the same category (except for the underwear part). So can we call it quits and play nice :)