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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patty's Day

Ahh... the luck of the Irish. Saint Patty's day. Great day to be Irish. Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's day, even if you're not the other 364 days of the year. Today is a great day to get drunk, get lucky, and wear green. Where can you wear green? Why everywhere, yes even your underwear. Hopefully you already have some great green undies on, but if you don't you better change quickly. If you aren't wearing green you are a prime candidate for being pinched (I have no idea where this tradition comes from). But if someone pinches you because they don't see green, but you have on green undies, just flash them your undies and pinch them back. International Jock has a great sale going on, all green is on sale! So click here to check that out. Another thing about Saint Patrick's day, it's a great day to wear your lucky underwear because today is all about luck. Or if you don't yet have a pair of lucky underwear, wear one of your favorites (preferably in green) and make it your lucky underwear (you know what I mean).

Saint Patty's Day question:
Do you have a lucky pair of underwear? If you do, what makes it lucky?

If you're interested in the briefs shown in the photo, they are the new Bandito briefs from Artificial Flavor.

And if you're feeling especially lucky, wear your lucky underwear an extra day for some opportunities for great deals in honor of UB's second anniversary which is tomorrow!!

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