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Friday, August 24, 2007

New Arrivals at International Jock

Be sure not to miss out on these new arrivals at International Jock, this is one of their most extensive new product introductions ever. Here's what they've added. They've added the great new UnderToys line (from Australia) that I've mentioned to you guys before (which by the way I should be getting some UnderToys for review soon!). One of the best things about having the UnderToys line at International Jock is that now there are actual photos of the products online, and not just cartoon style drawings. They also have some great new additions from Kyle. Kyle's claim to fame is creating the first ever fly-front jockstrap (which is a trend that has now become very popular in the underwear market). These new arrivals have lots of fun, bright, new colors and lots of fun contrasts between the underwear and the fly inset. And finally, there are some great new arrivals from Punto Blanco. This is the first arrival of Punto Blanco at International Jock. So many of these styles are actually older and can be found elsewhere, but they are simply new arrivals to International Jock. If you've been reading this blog with any frequency, you'll know that I really enjoy the offerings from Punto Blanco. I have not yet tried anything from Kyle or UnderToys. But all these products are great, so be sure to check out all these great new arrivals.

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