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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brand Update: Cocksox

There's lots of great new stuff coming from Cocksox. The first thing, which in my opinion is probably the coolest, is brand new waistbands. Or should I say, an added waistband (because most Cocksox didn't have waistbands to begin with). These waistbands for the first time have the Cocksox logo embroidered across the top (sneak peek from Cocksox shown on right). They've made 50 kilometers of this stuff, so they definitely expect it to be a success. And I'm sure it will be, who doesn't want the words "Cocksox" embroidered around their waist? As they gradually transition from the old waistbands to the new there will be a period of time where you might be lucky enough to get one of the new waist bands before they're formally released! And at no extra cost!

The next new thing isn't really underwear, but it promises to be underwear soon. The folks at Cocksox brought together some of the best men in white coats and the latest computer technology to design a new way of making lycra print fabric. This new innovation promises to eliminate the cracking, fading, and running that sometimes happens with lycra prints. I can't wait to check it out and see how well it actually works. If this really does what they promise, it will definitely revolutionize the way we print on fabric and you will be sure to be seeing a lot more printed undies and swimsuits on the way. Well obviously, these new prints are exclusive to Cocksox so you won't find them anywhere else. So this Cocksox Original Prints design series comes in two prints on swim briefs, Cherry Paradise and Tiki Lagoon. So check them out. And I'm sure they will be coming out with more prints (and probably printed undies) soon! They are definitely going to be releasing some swim trunks (the tight kind) soon because there was a sneak peek on Cocksox TV (read below). And to celebrate these new prints, they are giving all customers 10% off ALL purchases from now until the 24th with the coupon code "paradise".

And last, but not least, just like many other brands, Cocksox now has a "TV station" on the web. So be sure to check out Cocksox TV for all things Cocksox in action!

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