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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Not to Underwear...

This is not necessarily about what not to wear as underwear, but it is more a way in which one should never wear their underwear. This is a pet peeve of mine that was just brought to my attention again after seeing it TWICE in one day in the same place and after that I just had to say something here. Now I don't mind seeing another guy's underwear in public (as long as it's not one of those ridiculous sags where they can barely walk), but seeing a guy's underwear while his shirt is tucked in looks just ridiculous. You may be thinking to yourself, how could this possibly happen? Why would anyone do this? But I've seen it quite a lot. After thinking about it, my only solution to how this could happen to a guy is they put on their shirt and then put on their underwear and pants. Now it works fine when you first put it on, but as your pants slip during the day and your underwear rides up, they eventually become visible and it really just looks stupid. What is the point of "dressing up" by tucking in your shirt if you are only going to "dress down" by exposing your underwear. Now don't get me wrong, seeing a little bit of underwear over pants can be sexy, but seeing a bit (or a lot) of underwear over pants and a shirt is just gross (especially when one of the guys in question had his underwear on inside out). So what's the solution? Well here's the order in which you should dress if you are going to tuck in your shirt:
  1. Put on your undershirt (if you wear one).
  2. Put on your underwear. You may tuck the undershirt into the underwear, or you may choose not to (tucking the undershirt into the underwear is only an option if you are going to tuck another shirt into your pants).
  3. Put on your shirt.
  4. Put on your pants in such a way that the shirt is automatically tucked in.
  5. Voila, there is now no way that your underwear will stick out!
So there you have it folks. Now you know what not to underwear.... If you like this idea, I could continue on this concept with other ways one should not wear their underwear.

PS. The photo is really just here as something to look at. I couldn't find a photo to illustrate what I am referring to.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear of "Grooming Secrets For Men"? It looks good. I found it at and am going to read it. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

I think seeing an inch of underwear is a real turn on and then I can try and figure out which brand it is, especially if they are plaid boxers. I ended up trying al kinds of underwear due to good looking studs showing me and inch of the briefs, boxers or jock. What I find disgusting is the pants the dude has to keep a hand on so they don't fall off his all ready exposed butt and he shows 6+ inches of his boxers and

The picture is great good looking hunk epically with those button fly's.


UMan said...

anonymous (number 1) - I feel like you might be a spammer.

anonymous (number 2) aka JohnR. Thanks for your comments. I DON'T have a problem with seeing an inch or two of underwear. What I have a problem with is seeing it over a tucked in shirt. Like you see the shirt tucked into the underwear, and then there are pants. So the underwear is ALWAYS on display. And most of the time these people don't even realize it.

Anonymous said...

I think I stopped tucking my shirts into my underwear about the time I could dress myself without parental supervision.

Not really surprised you couldn't find a pic - it would have to specially posed because surely nobody would be silly enough to get a pic taken like that!

For tips on getting "the look", this is a great site:

He doesn't deal with underwear though, so I need to keep coming back here for advice!

kandel said...

I am a 30 year old and I think I fit into your pet peeve category,but I have a hard time understanding why you find the situation so gross. I always tuck my shirt into my underpants and as a result of this the waistband, and sometimes more of my underpants, usually show above the top of my pants.I wear regular white underpants and I never wear them inside out. I have been doing this for over ten years now and have learned to live with any negative comments I get. I guess I will continue to be among your pet peeves!