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Saturday, December 01, 2007

UB Poll Results

A while back we conducted a poll here on UB asking you guys "What style of underwear do you prefer?". Ultimately 1,874 of you responded. Thongs came in first with 422 (22%) of you saying that you preferred them above all else. They were closely followed by briefs with 392 (that's 20%) of you favoring them. Boxerbriefs and bikinis trailed behind with 316 (16%) and 294 (15%) readers voting in their favor respectively. Jockstraps, trunks, and boxer shorts were barely voted for with 7%, 6%, and 5% of you favoring them respectively. Finally, 3% of you (that's 58 of you) voted for non. I just don't understand why you would prefer to wear none, but you are on this site. Can you enlighten me? And last, but not least, 1% (23) of you voted for other. Overall, I found these results quite interesting. Some things I expected (briefs, boxer shorts), some things surprised me a bit (none, trunks). So what do you think? Do these results surprise you, or did you expect the vote to be this way? Thank you to all of you who participated in this study.


Anonymous said...

Why do all men's thong/g-string/underwear manufactures think we want ugly, crappy quality, giant sized thongs? Why can't we get something that looks nice and isn't horrible quality? Oh yah, and why can women get thongs and g-strings for 3 dollars but the *cheapest* one's available to men are 8-10$? I feel like men's underwear manufactures are way out of touch.

UMan said...

I wouldn't say that all are horrible quality. I've tried quite a few that are nice. Kiniki and Punto Blanco make some nice quality thongs. As for the price. Although it's not necessarily "fair" that women can get cheaper underwear, I think it stems from the fact that men's underwear requires more stitching and detailing (for the pouch area and such). Also, any type of men's underwear that would cost $3 is probably not great quality.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered a great thong for a very reasonable price, AND, even after wearing them daily, they are still holding up great after a year. They sell for $9.50 for 4 thongs--Joe Boxer brand. Look them up on line. Comfortable and great fit and durable!