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Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Site: POP Underwear

POP Underwear is a relatively new underwear site. This site is really unique in that it doesn't sort underwear by brands or profile; rather, it sorts underwear by your personality (POP stands for People of Personality). Some personality types that they have include: Sexy Nerdy, The Player, and Rockstar. I think this is a pretty cool concept. The store's stock is fairly limited though, but then again they just started, so I'm sure it will increase as time progresses. I've gotta say, the site design is very sexy and the concept is very cool. Check it out.

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JayToday said...

Seems the site actually put some though into creating a 'collection' with some taste instead of being yet enother site selling ginches and aussies with a few cin2.

The concept in itself is a nice idea, there have been a few other sites that have done the same thing in terms of sorting and at some point had finally opted to include a style/cut sorting option as well as customers had to click each lifestyle to see all the briefs for example, which was tiresome.

I hope they continue to grow tho. This one seems to have some real promiss