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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Your Swimwear Preferences

A while back we conducted a survey here on Men's Underwear Blog asking you what your swimwear preferences were. The results were rather interesting, but not nearly as astounding as the results for your underwear preferences. A total of 1133 of your responded to the question "What Style of Swimwear do you Prefer?". A large amount of you prefer Speedo-style swimwear (or swim briefs). In fact about 26% of you or 305 of you prefer this style. The runner-up was "the smallest thing I can find" with 22% or 255 of you choosing this option. Next up was swim trunks (the tight kind) with 17% or 203 of you preferring to rock those. Very close to swim trunks (tight) with 16% of you (that's 183 of you) preferring to wear them was boardshorts. Trailing behind boardshorts was swim trunks (loose) with 12% of you (or 147) preferring those. Trailing far behind the others with 1% (17), 1% (14), and 0% (9) respectively were "I don't swim", "I just wear my clothes", and "the largest thing I can find". So there you have it, that's how MUB readers measure up in terms of their swimwear preferences. I'm not particularly surprised by any of the results, are you?

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