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Thursday, December 06, 2007

New: WildmanT's jockstrap ball lifter

Well apparently lots of you have been requesting a ball lifter jockstrap. Well you asked, and WildmanT delivered. They just launched the new product in three colors: orange and yellow for the more flashy guys, and khaki for the more reserved (although nothing is too reserved about a package-enhancing jockstrap). In my experience with the original ball lifter, my only real complaint has been that the back waistband tends to ride up since there is nothing holding it in place in the back. Although that is not uncomfortable, it is rather bizarre looking to say the least. I have not tried this ball lifter jock yet, but I'm willing to bet that the addition of the straps in the back alleviates this problem. Also, the addition of the full-coverage front allows you to wear this ball lifter without addition undies over the top (for those of you who are modest). Also, during this holiday season, WildmanT is offering free shipping on purchases over $50. So stock up on ball lifters and give yourself or a loved one a lift in the new year. Check out Tim Wildman's post about the ball lifter on his blog.

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Anonymous said...

The "pouch" looks very flat & tight, not leaving much room for comfort. Also ooks like another stud in the centre top would have been good to hold it al together until access is "rquired"!