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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New from Cocksox: Boxer

Almost since the beginning of Cocksox they've been receiving requests for a boxer style. Over the last year Cocksox has been working to develop the perfect Cocksox boxer; the cut and fit had to be absolutely perfect. Finally it's here! The Cocksox boxer, made from Supplex fabric, wraps right around your body from inside thigh to inside thing without any seams; that's a big innovation. And out front is the innovative Cocksox pouch that will keep your boys front and center. The Cocksox boxer is just long enough in the leg to stop them riding up your thigh but not so long that they'll hang out your shorts or dangle around your knees when running or working out. The Cocksox boxer comes in two colors, carbon black and quartz white. And to celebrate the occasion, Cocksox is offering 10% off this new product. Just enter the code "box08" into the promo code box at checkout. The code expires at midnight on March 30, so don't miss out!

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