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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Petit-Brief Coming Soon...

Another new product that will be coming soon from Jameswinston Co is the Petit-Brief. This pant is a reaction to a number of customers who suggested they would like to see a 'micro - brief ' or bikini shape. It will come in five new colors (the color above is called Caspian) and comes with subtle sub-vintage style elements. Jameswinston is looking to take their standard objective of fit and cut on this pant to new levels. A feature of both new pants (this and the S-brief) will again be the simple, totally natural enhancer aspect coming as standard with the first two ranges they launch next year. At the moment Jameswinston is working very hard to make sure everyone is meeting their standards so they can get you quality products soon.


Anonymous said...

This is great news!

Jameswinston Co have been working really hard this last couple of years to capture their own little corner of the market and with additions to their range like this it shows they're just as keen as ever!

Anonymous said...

Underwear Queen - Great to read your comments. You're probably one of the guys who knows we came into this industry without a clue about anything (we WERE mad!) That's no longer the case so just watch us deliver - hopefully all seven increasingly funky styles already designed - over the whole of '08...;)

Take care

Brian James


Jameswinston Co.