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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rufskin Swim Jock

Here's a new idea (or at least one I haven't seen before): a swim jock that is meant to be seen (not to be confused with a swimmer jock which looks like your standard athletic supporter only slimmer). This jock comes from Rufskin, and as you'd expect with a jock, it has an entirely open back. Now of course you don't have to wear it all by itself, and in fact they encourage you to wear it under boardshorts and the like as it will provide support (which boardshorts do not). But based on the styling of this swim jock, it very easily could be worn by itself (it is at least meant to be seen). This swim jock is like the fashion jockstrap of swim jocks; it does not have the athletic look that many swimmer jocks have. Wear it how you will, this swim jock will certainly look hot in red or blue. You can get it at Malestrom for $42.

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