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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

aussieBum Hunk Launched + New Video

The latest aussieBum line Hunk is now launched with a hot, new video.  The line was previously entitled Spunk as MUB reported here, but was deemed too raunchy and renamed Hunk.  The Hunk range has old-school style written all over it.  The main body of the underwear is white with contrast stitching in blue, red, and indigo with a matching waistband.  The look of the line is very timeless and doesn't give in to trends.  It fits in as easily today as it would have a decade ago.  And its timelessness will be sure to take you into the next decade as well.  It currently comes in two styles, a brief and a jockstrap. It is likely though that aussieBum may extend the line to include more styles.  The brief is available for $16 USD and the jock runs around $14.  And with aussieBum you know they are going to be quality, so the price is good for how well they will last you.  You might want to stock up!

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